Monday, June 23, 2014

Annabelle goes visiting

This past weekend we took young Annabelle with us to see grandma Garrett.  Chelsea had to work, so she asked us to take her.  Annabelle may not ever remember grandma Garrett, but I think it helped Grandma to be able see one of her multitudes of great grands.  She was slow to warm up to grandma - we were in a new setting the assisted living home and so she was a little unsure of herself.  But she did give her a nice hug before the visit was over.

Afterwards we went to eat at Buckeye Jakes.  We got her some Mac and Cheese along with some chicken tenders.  During one of her visits to the table, the waitress noted, "she sure likes her macroni and cheese." We replied that she sure does.  And on cue Annabelle tilted her head back and blew a mouthful of mac and cheese into the air!  We couldn't help but laugh and several of the surrounding tables chimed in. So she started to get another mouthful and do it again. Being dutiful grandparents we had to suppress our smiles and in stern voices tell her to cease and desist.  Afterwards we advised Chelsea - only your child would do something like that. We did leave the waitress a generous tip for the additional work needed in the vicinity of the table.

This has been the year of the boy.  Ryker Tilton, Elliot Deeter, and Wesley Henrickson all arrived within about 6 weeks of one another. Young Wes has the distinction of being Heathers first grandchild.  I congratulated her on being a grannie. The other two are descendants of mine - I can only hope that they overcome this handicap. So far all seem to be healthy.  You never stop worrying about your kids and well - your grandkids.  I did send up a multitude of prayers that all would be healthy.  At a certain point there isn't much else you can do. As a father you always want to fix things - but some things you just don't have the capability to fix.  Vanessa had to fight gestational diabetes, and Samatha had mastitis, but they worked their way thru it all and are doing fine.  So maybe in spite of prayers from a heathen like me, all are OK.

Went to Gary "Might Dog" Smires and Christina's wedding reception at the Hillcrest Tavern. Good time all in all.  Their cake had a skull on top of it - candy/confectionary of course.  They met over the internet on a motorcycle website. They saw each like 3-4 times in person, then got married.  She comes from El Paso, Texas and has moved up here to be with him.  They seem to make a good couple. She has not seen snow, I think she will be thrilled the first time, then after about the 3rd and 4th snows she be wondering when will spring be here like the rest of us.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Young Elliot

Young Elliot Johnathon Deeter first saw the light of day on June 5, 2014.  A strapping young lad, he tipped the scales at a whopping 10 pounds even and was 22 inches in length. Glad to be there to welcome him to the world and see another life's journey begin. Perhaps I will get the football player that I have been looking for.  Although being born in Kentucky he might lean towards being a post player on the hardwood.

Interestingly the trip down Louisville was similar to when Elaina was born - a wet evening with flashes of lightening in the sky. It was a planned a C-section and so we got Elaina off to school in the morning, then went to the hospital. His blood sugar was low so they were keeping a close watch on him. When the nurses unwrapped him,the first thing I noticed was the big barrel chest, like his Dad. And with that big chest and matching mouth, he let it be known that he was not happy about being awoken from his nap.

They gave him some formula to get his blood levels set and he emptied the bottle in no time.  So he has an equally large appetite.  Some of the newborn clothing that they had gotten for him simply would not fit as he was too big for it.  Including a Brown's cap that was too small (to his parents chagrin and my delight) - so I made a mental note to buy a suitable hat for the young man from a real professional football team, the Ohio State Buckeye's.

We picked up Elaina at the bus stop after school and took her to the hospital with Violet.  Fun to watch the two sisters being all about Elliot - I think he will grow up with 3 Mums to watch over him. Any future girlfriend will have to earn the approval of all three.  Elaina is at an age where she will be helpful this summer.  And Violet will have to adjust to being the middle child.  Although at this stage, Violet is all about being the helpful big sister, and Elaina is like ho-hum I have been thru this big sister stuff before.

Friday Violet and I walked to the lake and did a little fishing in the morning.  I caught a little small mouth bass, about 8 inches.  She had some bites from the blue gill, but could not set a hook on any of them.  I will say that pre-school has been good for her.  She seems more outgoing and articulate. No shrinking violet this one.  A very caring person, she has been giving our Boston Terrier, Max, all the attention he can stand.

We had a good time at the swimming pool on Saturday.  Although Violet was tentative about going into the water.  So I went in with her and soon she was having a good time. Met some of the people at the pool from the apartment complex and they all seemed nice. Kids played together well so she had a good time.  Elaina played keep away with some of the boys at the deeper end of the pool.  Later we went to the Barrel of Fun ice cream shop - which as the name suggests is shaped like a huge barrel.

Eric brought home some beer and a bottle of wine to celebrate.  He also got me a bottle of "Arrogant Bastard Ale" - which is actually a good tasting beer if you like hops as I do.  I told him that Chelsea got me a bottle of it for a birthday not long ago - I guess that I have that effect on people!

Momma, Poppa, and baby Elliot arrived home on Saturday as well.  All seemed exhausted - it is just hard to sleep in a hospital.  The baby seems to be taking it all in, his new surroundings and his two sisters that fuss over him. Our job of watching the girls done, we left for home Sunday after a nice big breakfast.  Some Kentucky style biscuits and gravy and scrambled eggs.

We are 2/3rds done with the year of the boy - Joe and his wife's son, now young Elliot, and soon to come niece Callie's young boy will be arriving, which is Heather's first grandchild.  Oh it is fun to be a grand parent - you have all the fun of  fishing and swimming and doing the i scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream bit.  And at the first whiff of a dirty diaper, it is (Mom..Dad) you have a problem here and the problem is handed off to the duly appointed guardian and diaper changer. Not too bad of a deal.