Wednesday, November 25, 2015

cute kids - 2000

Cut and paste from the journal I kept on the kids for the year 2000.

Jan.   3  Vanessa got to start against Stivers.  They are a pretty poor team,
          that we beat handily 43 to 20.  Vanessa has yet to score a point.  
          Her hip is giving her problems again.  X-rays show that her growth
          plates on the top of her hips haven't fused yet.  She hasn't hardly
          grown in the last year.  Doctors say it is just a manner of time 
          until they fuse.  They play Tri-County North on Thursday.  Tom Steck,
          a former classmate of mine, is coaching their team.  Vanessa's boyfriend,
          Mark, broke up with her so she was in a grouchy mood this weekend.  

          Chelsea has 2 games this weekend.  One against an undefeated 
          Brookville - should be a barnburner.  

         Joe said that it was his best christmas ever.  He is really enjoying the
         Rollercoaster Tycoon pc game we got for him.  It was a good investment.
         We have been playing Starcraft head to head on our 2 pc's.  

         Chad is putting another engine in his pickup truck.  Still has a ways 
         to go.  Has a new girl that he is seeing, she is 16.  She called several
         times this weekend, so she is serious anyway.  

Jan 24   Measured Chelsea yesterday and she is about 1/4 inch taller than Vanessa.
         Vanessa still hasn't scored a point this basketball season.  She is now
         going with John Martin, a friend of Chad's.  Chad is back at school, pulling
         good grades so far.    

Feb.14   Joe celebrated his birthday over the weekend. Went to Chuckecheese's with
         Michael, Anthony, Matthew, Allison and Chelsea.  The kids had a good time
         the parents choked down the pizza.  Joe got a gameboy with a pokemon game,
         clothes, cars.  Chad got good grades at Sinclair.  Two A's and a C.  Now he
         back at work.  Chelsea scored 15 and 8 points this weekend her team finished
         5-7 and got 4th place in the regular season.  

Mar. 8   Chelsea's team got 4th place in the tournament.  She got 2-3 pointers.  
         Joe did good at his last basketball game.  Pulled some rebounds, made
         good passes, and handled the ball OK.  Chad has an e-girlfriend named Sarah
         from Toledo.  Vanessa ran a 2:32 in 800m at a meet in Columbus, 10th place

Mar. 20  Chelsea has started tryouts for the Surge.  Both Joe and Chelsea are in the
         chicken business.  We bought 25 Rhode Island Red pullets.  Chad is getting
         ready to start another session at Sinclair.  Vanessa has started a writing

Apr. 18  Chelsea made Surge A team.  They are struggling but Chelsea has been scoring some
         points.  Best game is 6 so far.  Vanessa had a good meet 2:32 800m, but has sprained her
         ankle.  We hope that she recovers by this Saturday.  Helped Joe build a crane for
         cub scouts. Chad bought yet another car.  All the youngsters had good grades this
         last time around.  

May 03   Joe had a good time at camp Kern. Just got back today.  Chelsea is doing OK at 
         AAU Basketball - She got 6 points and 4 points in the two games she was at last weekend.
         Chelsea spent the rest of the weekend at COSI.  Vanessa is doing OK at track.
         Got 1st in 800m and 1st in 1600m in the Preble County meet.  Chad made the deans
         list at Sinclair.  

May 18   Chelsea's team got 4th place at state YBOA tournament and qualified for nationals.
         Tarheels coach wants Chelsea to play for him if we do not go.  Vanessa set school
         record (5:22) in 1600m run and tied school record for 800m.  She qualified in 4
         events for Regionals.  

May 23   Found out at sports banquet that the 1600m record had stood since 1978 and also
         that Vanessa is in second place for total points on the team.  She also got the
         most valuable runner award this year.  So she cleaned house at the spring sports
         award banquet.  Today is last day of school.

June 5  Vanessa did not make state :- (  Didn't do as well at the regional as she would have
        liked.  Chelsea is doing OK at basketball, scored 10 points for her TVS team.
        Bought a cd-burner to make backup copies of cd's so that the kids would not 
        ruin them.  Made a few backups, but Joe - not be deterred, found a way to destroy a few games anyway.
        He put the originals in the burner and had music cds' in the cd player.  The
        games were overwritten with music. 3 cd games got clobbered by Joe before we
        figured out what was going on.

Jun 12 Joe is having a good time at basketball camp this week. The second day that
        I dropped
       him off, all the coaches knew his name - don't know if that is good or bad.  Chelsea
       celebrated her 12th birthday.  She is the proud owner of a .22 Savage rifle 
       and a toad.
       Allison, Heather, and Desma stayed all night.  They didn't get to sleep until 6 in
       the morning.  Chad has been seeing a girl named Sarah - still in the just friends stage.
       He has been helping Grandpa Jack with some odd jobs.
       Vanessa is playing softball, they run ruled a team from Lewisburg 55-2.  

Jun 15 Joe got into a fight at basketball camp, more of a scuffle than a fight.  He got the better of the other kid.  He didn't rat out Joe so they didn't get into trouble.  

Jul 5  Chelsea's basketball team was runners up at the buckeye state games regional finals.
       Joe was going to make his catapult into a cat-a-pult, 
       stopped him before any damage was done to the cat.
       Vanessa is taking pre-calculus classes at UD this summer - so far, so good.  Chad is
       still at Sinclair.  He is house sitting for grandpa jack this week.  
       Two cows were killed
       by lightening at Grandpa Jack's while Chad was there - go figure the odds.

Jul 19 Chelsea and Joe participated in the Buckeye State games Regional. Chelsea threw the discus
       50 feet and the shot 19 feet.  Joe long jumped 7'6"  Vanessa has started running for
       CC.  Chad has finished his summer term and is back at work.  Chelsea had a good time
       at the Baumgartner camp.  Said that they saw roaches in their dorm though.  
       Joe has been
       getting ready for football season. 

Jul 31 Joe has started football.  He is in the middle as far as size.  
       Currently he is playing
       offensive tackle.  Chelsea's summer basketball team had a good season. 
       Had a pizza party
       last night at the pool.  Fair is also going on.  
       Chad is working on a demolition derby car.
       Vanessa is at Ohio Business Week at Youngstown State Un. 
       When I picked her up, Jim Tressel
       gave a speech at the  banquet at the end of the conference.  
        He gave a rousing - motivating
       speech and at the end - he got a standing ovation from all the teenagers 
       that were there!
       I could not have gotten an ovation like that if I had been passing out $100 bills.

Aug. 3 Just got a call from home.  Joe was running around the house with his football 
       helmet on and busted the screen door window.  
       No casualties other than the window, for now.
       So I have something to do this weekend.

Aug 14 Chelsea went to Cedar Point with a church group.  
       She helped work on a shelter, then went to
       Cedar Point.  Joe is ill, has a fever and threw up.  
       Chad is still working on his demolition derby
       car - a lot of work for something that will be demolished in about 15 minutes.  
       broke up with John, went on a date with Nick from Minster.  
        She met Nick at Ohio Business Week.

Aug 21 Joe's football has had two good scrimmages.  They beat Eaton 18-0 and TCN 6-0.  
       Next week they
       go against Valley View in their first game.  Joe has been doing OK so far.  
       Mike is staying for
       a few days.  Joe and he are sleeping in the trailer.  
       They seem to be getting along together just fine.
       Vanessa's Cross Country team is down to just 2 runners.  Chad is seeing Brittany now.
       Chelsea is waiting for the fall tuneup to start.

Sep 6  Vanessa got 3rd place at Northridge.  
       She ran the course in her best time ever - 20:31.
       Chelsea did well at the fall tuneup.  Chad is spending a bunch of time 
       at Brittany's still.
       Joe is doing OK at football.  
Sep 17 Joe was moved to safety.  So he is playing Tight End and safety.  
       They lost a close one to
       Springboro 12-6.  Their record is 1-2.  Vanessa is having hip problems again. 
        Her times
       are creeping up.  She got a letter from Murray State's track coach.  
       Chad is staying over
       at Brittany's, her parents gave him permission to move into their 
       basement at their new
       home... Don't understand their logic.  
       Chelsea has started girl scouts and also is doing the fall tuneup for basketball.

Sep 25 Chad is no longer a teenager - turned 20 this weekend.  
       Vanessa had a great finish at the CC Invite
       at Brookville.  She had a great kick at the end and beat Ivy from FM 
       for second place.  Her 
       time was fair - 20:43.  
       Joe's team is still close, but no cigar.  They lost 16-8 against BellBrook.
       Joe had some good blocks at tight end.  
       Bought Chelsea a new pair of shoes for BB - mens size 8.5.
       She is around 5'6" now.  

Oct 6  Vanessa got a call from Branden.  She is still seeing Nick from Minster.  Chad has
       more or less moved in with Brittany.  We generally see him on the weekends anymore. He was contacted by Guyler Buick in Middletown.  So he may go back to work for them.  
      Joe's football team tied
       an undefeated Dixie team 6-6. Chelsea got good grades on her midterm report. 
       She is helping to
       run the concession stand for the volleyball games. 

Oct 15 Vanessa went to her homecoming last weekend, then went to Nick's homecoming. Had a good time at both. 
       She finished in 3rd place at the league meet.  
       Chad fixed the frame on his car and did 
       some work around the house.  Joe had a good game against Tipp City.  
       Got a tackle, plus did
       a good job blocking. Chelsea had a 6th grade sleepover at school.  
       Played basketball and 
       watched some movies. Stayed up until 5am - she slept all day.  

Oct 19 Chelsea went to her first Middle School Dance last night. 
       Had a good time.  Tomorrow night
       they go to the haunted cave in Lewisburg.  
       Vanessa went to the opera, it was better than expected.
       Mr. Flory and Mr Mabry's wife were in the opera.  

Oct 30 Joe's football is over.  The team was 3-4-1.  
       Joe had a good season, made some tackles, blocked well.
       They won their last game against Middletown Madison 6-0.
       Vanessa got second at district and qualified 
       for Regionals.  She got 31st at Troy.  So her season is over.
       We went to eat at Ryans to celebrate
       her success.  Now it is time for basketball and winter track. 
       Chad is back at Sinclair, he is working at grandpa Jacks - 
       helping him to fix the old house.  
       Chelsea is getting close to Becky in size.  
       Maybe by next spring she'll be the tallest female
       in the house.     

Nov 2  Joe got third place for most original costume at West Alex during Halloween.  
       He made his own paladin outfit.
       Used paper, glue, reflective tape to make a nice outfit complete with 
       gauntlets and belt.

Nov 11 Vanessa has a lot of options for college next year.  
       She is looking at Wright State, Wittenburg,
       and Lake Erie.  But a girl from Defiance called and asked 
       Vanessa to spend a weekend at their
       school. She had a good time, I stayed in an ancient room at a decrepit hotel.  
       Looked like the d├ęcor was from the 1950's.  
      Joe had his football banquet tonight. Joe is proud of his trophy; 
      he fell asleep with the
       trophy in his arms on the way home.  
      He wanted to take it to show and tell at school, but we were afraid
       that it would get broken.

Nov 14 Vanessa got a standing ovation at the awards banquet last night for the 
       great job she did at
       Cross Country this fall.  2nd in district, 4th in league, 
       and qualifying for regionals.  The boys
       on the CC team had secretly agreed to do it ahead of time. 
       When they stood and starting applauding -
       the whole auditorium joined in. Definitely a moment to remember.  
       She got her 4 year trophy and a nice plaque. 
       Joe is getting poor grades in school, so he is banned from watching cartoons.  
       Nick may be breaking
       things off with Vanessa.  Said he wanted to slow things down and
       'just be friends'.  Vanessa has 
       been calling John again these past few nights... 

Nov.27 Joe is banned from Toon Network and Nickedeon until his behavior and 
       grades improve.  If he gets another note
       sent home then, no computer either.  Chad is back home.  
       He and Brittany broke up.  April 
       is back in contact with him...  Vanessa is seeing John again, 
       but they are just friends.
       Took Chelsea and Joe to the Sports Center in Oxford, we played basketball and swam.  
       Vanessa is helping organize a dance to pay for a trip to New York. 
       She is going to visit Defiance College
       in a few months.  
12/12  Chad is in his work cycle with his automotive program at Sinclair.  
       He is getting close to the end of school.
       He is on track to graduate this spring.  
       His car broke down the other night and fortunately 
       a truck driver let him borrow his cell phone.  

       Vanessa just completed her college tests.  We are waiting for the results.
       I guess a lot of colleges are already filling up. So we are going to hustle
       and start narrowing down her choices.  She is going to Defiance in January.
       Then we need to schedule Wittenburg and Lake Erie College for visits.

       Chelsea started her basketball season.  She got off to a slow start with just
       3 points against Brookville, but got 11 points and 11 rebounds against Northridge (1 - 3 point shot).  
       She is really bugging me for a new Nintendo this Christmas.

       Joe is doing better in school.  Blocking out the cartoon channel had an impact.
       He had his first basketball practice last Saturday.  This year the YMCA is co-ed.
       When he got there, he was the only boy for the first 15-20 minutes.  He wanted 
       to leave - told Becky that he didn't want to play with a bunch of girls.  But 
       she got him to stay and a few boys finally showed up.  She said he was about
       average compared to the rest of the team.    

12/17  Vanessa is seeing a guy from Eaton, Thomas.  They both work
       at the Country Cafe. Chad has been seeing April again.  Joe got a lego tank at the
       Christmas party and worked the whole afternoon putting it together. 
        Also got a remote 
       control HumVee that he has been running around the house.  Chelsea is turning into
       quite the reader, has been reading a lot of books this fall. Her team got 2 wins
       this weekend against Dixie and Preble Shawnee.      

Friday, November 20, 2015

The Assyrians and ISIS

Listened to a podcast on history the other day and the host talked about ancient history this particular time.  As I listened I realized that history just repeats itself.  ISIS has to work a little harder to match the inhumanity and savagery of the Assyrians.  And ISIS would do well to look at what happened to the Assyrians when their state was finally defeated.  As the bible says as you sow so shall you reap.

The Assyrians were in power something like 1500 years BC.  They were viscous as they built and maintained their empire. Some examples include one Assyrian king who pickled the head of a defeated king and put it in a jar.  Then he took the wife of the defeated king as his own.  Another killed all the children of a defeated king in front of him and then gouged out his eyes so that this was the last thing that he ever saw.  Another time a Kings corpse was left out to picked clean by vultures, then his sons made to grind his bones into dust. Another time rebelling nobles were skinned and their skins left on the walls.Enemy Soldiers impaled on stakes.  And well this is just a sample - certainly a bloodthirsty folk. And very much like ISIS in their desire to instill fear in their subjects and enemies.

But today one does not hear much about the Assyrians.  An ancient Greek army retreating through the area of this former civilization reported vast abandoned cities that had been laid waste some time in the past. And the capital was razed to the ground - no trace was left. An alliance was formed and attacked the weakened Assyrians.  And as they gained ground they massacred the Assyrians as they had done to them over the years.  Finally the last Assyrian fortress fell and the empire was no more - ground to dust as they had done to that long dead king from long before. And as you can see they sowed hate and cruelty and in the end that is what they reaped.

So a day will come for ISIS when their enemies rally and bring down them down as well and as history repeats itself and it will - they will reap what they have sowed...