Saturday, April 23, 2016

Thorns and Flowers

Had a moment this evening.  Took Annabelle down to the creek and we did some exploring.  I explained how some plants have flowers, but some plants have thorns. I showed her some bramble bushes and hedge to show thorns.  So one has to be careful when exploring in the woods.  She wanted to climb to to the top of the hill.  I decided to let her go on her own to see how she did.  She carefully navigated the trees and eventually made it to the top - where she exclaimed,  look at me - I did it myself!

And it brought back to mind a melancholy moment watching Vanessa learning to walk years ago and thinking that those little feet are going to walk her out the door someday.  It brought me to thinking that as parents we teach our children the pitfalls and rewards to watch for, but it is their little feet that have to make the journey on their own.  You can only hope that your lessons of thorns and flowers hold true and that they remember what they were taught on their lifes journey.

We did have another learning moment - by the electric fence.  I explained that the fence bites - it has electricity and electricity can hurt you.  She went over by it and I held my tongue. I knew what was going to happen - some lessons we have to learn on our own. She reached out and I saw her snap her hand back. "Did you touch the fence?"  "No, no I didn't"  I knew that she reached out and touched it, but I also wanted her to learn to listen to gramps.  The next time I give advice - I have a feeling that she will listen. In life we enjoy the flowers but we must be careful of the thorns.