Monday, February 29, 2016

Satisfying weekend

This past weekend was satisfying on several different levels.  Chelsea and Dan were in town for his birthday, so it was nice to see them.  He seems to be on the right track with his job as a customer service rep, and heading in the right direction.  We went to Golden Corral and then bowled after the dinner.  Everyone had a good time and we stayed up until like 1am.

Robert called - it was nice to chat with him. We touch base every so often and it was an expected call, but I am always happy to hear from him.  His company is coming off of it's best year ever.  Coca Cola resigned him as an agent for 2016, so that is a big account that he can rely on.  He is also an outsourced VP for an Aloe company that is developing a drink for nationwide release.  They wanted to formally hire him, but he told them that he had too many commitments and could not back out.  So they made him a sub contractor and he even has 2 direct reports. We had joked about this at work - companies are outsourcing IT jobs left and right, so why not outsource executives.  Looks like this is coming true too!

 He made me feel good - told me that he considered me more of a real Dad than anyone else.  So it feels good to have a positive effect on someone.  He works hard and is successful - glad that things are working out for him.  In turn he has helped my kids from time to time.  So I appreciate that this has gone full circle and he has been able to mentor and advise my kids from time to time.

The weekend ended up with Joe coming back home late Sunday night. He flew from Japan to Atlanta and finally to Dayton.  He got in around 10:35pm.  He said that he thought that the cat was dead in Atlanta - he picked up the carrier at the baggage area and cat didn't move a muscle.  He finally tapped on the cage and called his name and the cat slowly responded.  I imagine that cat was happy to finally be released.  Ryker was fine at the airport.  All surely slept well last night.

So it is satisfying to have spent time with family and also to see everyone doing well.

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